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Getting started with the Evernote API

Getting started with the Evernote API

Working with the evernote API can be a little bit tricky at first. Here’s a brief tutorial to help you quickly run the code samples.
This tutorial will focus on the PHP SDK but can easily be transposed.

Step 1 : Create a dev account

The first step is to create a sandbox account. You don’t want to mess with your real notes (and the sysadmins at Evernote don’t want you to test your buggy code on their production servers) , so Evernote provides a sandbox environment where you can test your app.
Go to and create an account.

Step 2 : Get a developer token

Once done, request a dev token here. A dev token allows you to easily test your code in the sandbox without the hassle of using oauth.
It can also be useful if you’re only planning to use your app for yourself and no one else.

Step 3 : Get the SDK

Now that everything is configured, let’s get the sdk :

git clone

Step 4 : Configure the client

Open the sample/client/EDAMTest.php file and replace the default string by tour dev token (line 46).

$authToken = "your developer token”;

Step 5 : Run the code

You can now run

php EDAMTest.php

and get something like :

Is my Evernote API version up to date?  1

Found 5 notebooks
    * Test Notebook
    * SHARED
    * TO_SHARE
    * nb4225
    * nb2360

Creating a new note in the default notebook

Successfully created a new note with GUID: 472b0094-77ff-417e-8d47-e9c560586a77

What's next ?

If you want to go a bit further (and you should), here are a few ressources :

  • The Evernote developers website. You’ll find docs, support, tutorials, etc.
  • The official Evernote dev forum. You’ll find me (eventually) and others to help you on specific issues.
  • The API reference. If you’re serious about developing with evernote, you’ll go there a lot. Bookmark it.
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