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A vagrant box for the Evernote PHP sdk

Want to quickly try the Evernote SDK for PHP ? Don’t want to spend hours setting up an environment ?
Use this vagrant box and get ready in a few minutes !

When I see something that I like I don’t want to have to wait hours to try it. I want it right here, right now.
And when it comes to testing an API, I don’t want to spend hours configuring the right environment.

That’s why I packaged a debian based vagrant box whose only purpose is to let you try the Evernote SDK for PHP in a few minutes.
Here’s how it works :

- Download and install Vagrant (version 2.5 at least) and Virtual Box

- You also need git as the SDK is cloned from github during the setup.
- Create a folder somewhere.
- In this folder, run :

vagrant init laurentsarrazin/evernote-sdk-php
vagrant up

That’s it !
You now have a running server with a full environment to easily play with the Evernote SDK for PHP

If everything went right you should also have a working copy of the SDK in an ./evernote folder.

Now you can use your favorite IDE to edit the config files and run the code samples.
Follow the “Getting started” instructions here :

Then follow these instructions to run the code samples :

- client : run

vagrant ssh -c “cd /vagrant/evernote/evernote-sdk-php/sample/client/;php EDAMTest.php”

in the folder you created
This command will simply launch the client code sample on the Virtual Machine through ssh.

- oauth : http://localhost:8080/evernote-sdk-php/sample/oauth

- oauth_with_opauth : http://localhost:8080/evernote-sdk-php/sample/oauth_with_opauth

I hope this box will save you a little time.
I plan to release boxes for the python and java SDKs and it also would be great to have boxes for other providers (VMware for example).
I’ll see what I can do.

Tell me what you think about it.


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